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Experienced wasp exterminator

For a wasp extermination in Laval, Mirabel, Ahuntsic and in the surrounding cities, Extermination Target assures you quick and efficient services. Whether the wasp’s nest is hanging from the soffits of your home, business or institutional building, or it finds itself in a hard to reach place, our experienced technicians will be able to come and help you by using the appropriate products and methods.

Nest-protecting insects

Wasps are very useful insects since they are the predator for many harmful insects that attack crops. But in the event of a large nest being located under the roof of a house or business, the colony must be exterminated using the appropriate pesticides. Even though it is possible to relocate the nest of a bee (these are less aggressive than wasps), it is too dangerous to attempt to do the same with wasps.

The presence of wasps around a house or business can quickly become a nightmare, especially for those who suffer from severe allergic reactions. Being very protective of their nest, wasps can quickly become a danger to your security and to those close to you, especially if you attempt to approach, remove or destroy their nest. Attacking in groups, wasps can land multiple stings to their attackers. In some cases, when people are allergic, these bites can even be fatal.

This is why it is recommended to contact professional wasp exterminators in order to get rid of the wasp nests found near your home or business, and this, as quickly as possible.

Professional wasp exterminators

The certified and experienced exterminators at Extermination Target will solve your wasp infestation problem quickly and safely. If a wasp nest is found on a tree branch found on your land, or if it is attached to your house, shed, garage or barn, our experienced team will be able to quickly exterminate the wasps that are there. In order to do this, we use safe methods as well as products approved by the government. The same goes for businesses or institutional buildings (schools, churches, libraries, etc.).

Wasp nest detection

The presence of wasp nests in soffits or even in the attics of houses often present a problem for the people who are not able detect their exact location. Our wasp exterminator technicians are familiar with the lifestyle and hideouts of these insects. They will be able to quickly identify the areas in your home, business or institutional building that are infested by wasps.

Safe removal of a wasp nest

Removing a wasp nest is a very dangerous task to complete by someone who is not trained and experienced to do so. Wasps are very aggressive and attack intensively in groups, repeatedly stinging their attackers. Depending on where the nest is located, it is sometimes possible to surround it with a plastic bag before cutting the nest at the top to remove it and complete the extermination.

Extermination of wasps by spraying pesticides

Our experienced technicians know which methods to use to carry out a wasp extermination using pesticides. Spraying a pesticide approved specifically for the extermination of this insect can effectively and quickly exterminate a colony of wasps. Our techniques and products comply with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment. In addition, our exterminators wear protective gear and use the necessary equipment to operate safely in heights.

Do not attempt to exterminate wasps on your own using a pesticide. If you use an inefficient product or if your technique is inappropriate, the extermination can turn sloppy or dangerous. Our trained and certified exterminators use proven techniques for the extermination of wasps in Laval and surrounding areas. In addition, when they complete an extermination of wasps by spraying a pesticide, they ensure that no domestic animal is near the place of spraying.

Preventative treatments

There are many factors influencing the presence of bumblebees, hornets, bees and wasps around a residence or a business. This is why it is recommended to have treatments done twice per year as a preventative measure. Our experts will be happy to tell you more about it.

Danger of wasp stings

The sting of a single wasp contains venom that can kill an allergic person, while the sting of dozens of wasps can require emergency hospital care for a non-allergic person. A young child could die if they are stung by multiple wasps. Contrary to bees, wasps can sting repeatedly since they do leave their needle in the skin of the victim after injecting the venom. Bees lose their stinger after each bit and will generally die afterwards.

After a wasp sting, you must disinfect the wound and apply heat for 10 minutes to lessen the effects of the venom, and then apply (if possible) lemon or vinegar. The application of ice is then recommended to reduce inflammation.

Contact us for wasp extermination

To learn more about our wasp extermination techniques, or to receive a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact us. Extermination Target offers was extermination in Laval, Mirabel, Ahuntsic and all the surrounding cities. You can reach us at 514-928-1611.

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