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Symptoms of an infestation

Symptoms of bed bugs are primarily the marks left from the bug bites. Bed bug bites are often painless when they occur, however several hours later the person who was bitten will start to feel itching and red marks similar to a mosquito bite will appear on their skin.

Lined up bites

We generally find three to four bites, often lined up or grouped in the same area. The bites are usually located on the parts of the body that are uncovered during the night, such as arms, legs or the back.

The period following the apparition of the bites varies from person to person and can last up to 14 days. Some people don’t react to bed bug bites, while others only have small localized skin reactions. More rarely, severe allergic reactions to the bites may occur.

Bite marks and itching

In addition to itching, bed bug bites can cause insomnia, anxiety, and skin issues related to excessive scratching. One of the symptoms of bed bugs are small black traces of their feces, often the only visible element of their presence.

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