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Exterminator in Laval, fast and efficient services

Certified exterminator in Laval, Montreal, Ahuntsic, Mirabel and other surrounding neighbourhoods, Extermination Target offers extermination services of all kinds for your homes and businesses. Whether it be for extermination of ants, bed bugs, wasps or any other pest, our experienced exterminators offer you quick and efficient services, personalized to your needs.

Our company’s services stand out for their excellence, as well as for their competitive prices in the area. Passionate about their work, our exterminator technicians have your satisfaction at heart, and will make you feel so with the quality of the services they offer you.

Serving a residential, commercial and institutional customer base, our certified exterminators regularly receive trainings on various types of insects and their behaviour. Eager to stay up to date on trends, they do not hesitate to adapt their products and techniques to new species that regularly make an appearance.

Our extermination company is a member of l’association québécoise de la gestion parasitaire (AQGP). It is also certified and a partner of l’Association canadienne de la gestion parasitaire (ACGP). Additionally, we have a permit issued by the Ministère de l'Environnement et de la lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC).

The latest extermination techniques

Over the years, our seasoned exterminators have been able to develop the latest extermination techniques, which have the ability to attack the source of the problem and to resolve it quickly, without affecting the health and quality of life of the occupants of an infested building.

In some cases, it happens that the over-the-counter products that are found in stores are enough to solve an infestation problem, notably when colonies of insects are not yet established. However, this often late control method has its limits, since it only pushes insects into other rooms. On the other hand, the biodegradable products used by our exterminators are powerful and offer fast and effective results.

Attic decontamination

Our exterminators have your well-being at heart, and for this reason, after capturing and relocating raccoons, skunks or squirrels, they offer an attic decontamination service.

The different excrements left during their passage can render your living environment unhealthy and even dangerous, potentially leading to health problems. Our pest control specialists can clean and decontaminate the surfaces of your attic by following the health protocols recommended by Health Canada. They will safely dispose of the feces and debris (gnawed wood, urine-covered insulation, etc.) that the rodents have left behind in your attic. They will follow up with a disinfection of the surfaces using approved products for this purpose. A fungicidal-germicidal and virucidal decontaminant will be applied by using a compressed ULV spray. This treatment will sanitize the entire structure of your attic.

Professional and discreet exterminators

Extermination Target often responds on the same day you call, as we know the extent of which the situation is bothersome for you. For every treatment that we conduct, our exterminators take the time to explain the source of your infestation.

Understanding, discreet and professional, our exterminators also offer you tips on how to prevent infestations. They accompany you throughout your entire unpleasant experience. To find out more about our services, or to receive a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact us. We serve the regions of Laval, Mirabel, Ahuntsic and many others.

Fast and efficient emergency service

If you come to realize that the insect infestation is out of control, or that rodents or other small wild animals (raccoons, skunks, etc.) have entered your home, do not panic! Pest control is our business and our team is trained to face any situation. Your worst nightmare is but a routine operation for our exterminators.

Our emergency services are generally offered on the same day as you call. Our intervention is quick, efficient and discreet. Our exterminators know to what extent the presence of insects can be stressful for you, whether it be in your home or in a commercial space.

Commercial extermination

Whether it be for a bed bug problem in a hotel or motel, cockroaches or mice in a restaurant, or any other type of infestation, our exterminators are there to help you. Our discreet and professional team can intervene outside of your business hours and conduct the extermination by following the strict protocols from the Ministry of the Environment.

We will tell you the steps to follow to prepare for the extermination, and will make sure to properly advise you so that you can prevent future infestations. We know you have the well-being of your customers and the reputation of your establishment at heart. This is why we will carry out an impeccable and long lasting job.

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