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Attic and roof space decontamination

Let our professional team take charge of cleaning and disinfecting your attic.

For an attic or roof space decontamination in Montreal, Laval or a city in the north shore, contact EXTERMINATION TARGET. After relocating or exterminating the pests that have invaded you (rats, mice, bats, raccoons, squirrels or lady bugs), our team can complete the cleaning and decontamination of your attic or roof space.

Given that handling and inhaling rodent feces is highly dangerous for your health, strict cleaning protocols are recommended. Our team will safely remove the excrements and debris left behind by the rodents in your attic. We will then conduct a disinfection of the surfaces by using approved products which are safe and effective, all the while respecting the health rules issued by Health Canada.

Very dangerous feces for your health

Rodents that settle in attics or roof spaces leave behind feces which are harmful to human health. And given they reproduce very quickly and defecate several times per day, a large quantity of urine and organic matter can accumulate in just a few short weeks! Fungus and mold can also begin to form and trigger health problems for the occupants.

Whether through their urine, feces, saliva or blood, mice and rats can transmit various diseases (such as hantavirus, which is transmitted by inhaling urine vapours). Raccoons can transmit leptospirosis, giardiasis and roundworms. Bats can transmit rabies virus, coronavirus, Lassa virus, Nipah virus and Ebola.

Dead lady bugs attract larder beetles (necrophagous insects), which can become a real problem in the living space if the infestation is severe and repeated annually. If you notice the apparition of lady bugs in your windows come spring time, it is a safe bet that your attic is contaminated.

Our attic decontamination methods

At first, we assess the entirety of the contamination in order to proceed in a safe and appropriate manner to take charge of the situation. Next, all of the contaminants are meticulously collected. The contaminants are then disposed of in accordance with the infectious waste requirements. We also remove the remaining debris, such as gnawed wood chips, urine covered insulation, and other contaminants brought forth by the wild animals who have nested in your home.

Following the first phase of decontamination, a fungicidal-germicidal and virucidal decontaminant is applied by compressed ULV spray. This atmospheric treatment sanitizes all of the structural components of the attic or roof space. After this step, an insulation adapted to the building is applied by the professionals, conforming to the regulations of the Commission de la construction du Quebec (CCQ).

This professional decontamination of the attic or roof space will allow you to protect your health, while also eliminating stubborn odours from urine and other excrements. Additionally, if you sell your house one day, your attic will be decontaminated (a contaminated attic that is not mentioned in the declaration of sale can, in the future, be declared a hidden defect).

Contact us for an attic decontamination

Do not attempt to decontaminate your attic of roof space on your own. For safety reasons, contact our team of specialists. We have the equipment and products required to decontaminate the premises according to the norms.

Contact the EXTERMINATION TARGET team at 514-928-1611 for a free inspection and quote. EXTERMINATION TARGET conducts attic or roof space decontamination, as well as professional sanitizing, and relocation of different undesired animals (if needed).

We operate in Montreal, Laval, and the north shore cities. You can also contact us by filling out our contact form..

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