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Bed bugs exterminator in Laval

Extermination Target conducts the extermination of bed bugs in residential, commercial and institutional settings in Laval, Ahuntsic, Mirabel and surrounding cities. Our experienced exterminators will be able to quickly and efficiently get rid of these insects which are dangerous to your health.

The phenomenon of the proliferation of bed bugs is a burden that began some 15 years ago. Nesting in mattresses and sofas of homes, condos, motels and hotels, these insects can quickly become a living nightmare for the occupants. And for good reason: not only do bed bugs multiply quickly, but they also bite people in their sleep, causing itching and even illness!

Bed bug information

Appearance: Bed bugs are wingless insects measuring between 5 and 10 mm. They are reddish brown in colour, and become dark blood red once fed. Their flat and oval bodies are visible to the naked eye (bed bugs resemble apple seeds).

Life cycle: Bed bugs reproduce very quickly: a single bed bug can lay up to 120 eggs per month, or 2 to 4 eggs per day! Their life span is of 10 to 18 months.

Habits: Bed bugs will enter homes, apartments and hotels to nest in the mattresses and sofas (they can also be found underneath tapestries, behind frames, inside bedside tables and even behind electric outlets). A bed bug infestation can happen in very clean homes. It is only a matter of bad luck for a bed bug to cling itself to your clothing and be transported to your home for it to reproduce.

Dangerousness: Bed bugs bite humans and animals during the night to feed on their blood. The bug bites may take up to 14 days before becoming visible and triggering itching. Sometimes, these bites can get infected or trigger a severe allergic reaction, hives, asthma, impetigo and anemia. Bed bugs also carry staphylococci and intestinal bacteria (present in the dropping they leave behind on their passage). To avoid infection, one must not scratch the bites, all while keeping the wounds very clean and covered with an antiseptic cream.

Our bed bugs treatments

To completely eradicate the infestation, it is recommended to resort to bed bugs treatments provided by certified exterminators. Large retail stores sell a variety of products for bed bug extermination; however these are not as safe and efficient as those used by professional exterminators.

The products sold over the counter only temporarily exterminate bed bugs. To permanently eradicate a bed bug infestation, you must also kill the eggs with an effective product. Every situation is different, and our treatments are personalized to cater to the specific needs of each environment.

Generally, our treatments for bed bugs are completed in two stages. The reasoning behind this is simple: the eggs are desensitized to the pesticides, and it often takes two interventions to eradicate them. Of course, every situation is different and our experts are available to intervene as many times as necessary to eliminate the problem.

Our exterminators are very familiar with the various types of bed bugs present in our province, and adapt their treatments to newly listed species.

Residential, commercial or institutional customers

Extermination Target serves a residential, commercial and institutional customer base. Up to now, our certified exterminators have offered their services to owners of homes, condos, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, as well as managers of seniors’ residences, hospitals and many other types of establishment.

Given that the situation is often urgent, our experts can intervene and be there as soon as possible, and will give you instructions on how to prepare the location for the extermination of the bed bugs. All of our treatments include tips from our exterminators on how to help prevent a future infestation.

If you are the owner of a home of condo and you notice bed bugs in your place, contact the Extermination Target team without delay. If you are the owner of a condo, you need to inform the other owners of the presence of bed bugs, as the hallways and common stairways will need to be treated.

If you are a tenant, you need to inform your landlord as soon as you notice the bed bugs, so that they can have an inspection done in the other units and common areas. In hotels or motels, the Extermination Target team will quickly (and discreetly) exterminate the bed bugs.

Contact us for bed bug extermination

As soon as you notice the presence of bed bugs, contact our bed bug exterminator specialists to receive information on our services, so that we can conduct a pest control treatment with the appropriate products.

Don’t wait until you develop health problems before contacting us. Our certified technicians have extensive experience in the matter and solely use insecticides approved by Health Canada for this type of insect.

To find out more about our treatments for bed bugs, don’t hesitate to contact us at 514-928-1611 and we will answer all of your questions. The exterminators at Extermination Target serve the cities of Laval, Mirabel, Ahuntsic, and surrounding areas.

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