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Mouse exterminator in Laval

Trust in Extermination Target for a mouse exterminator in Laval, Ahuntsic, Mirabel or in a surrounding city. Our team offers complete mouse extermination services (or rat extermination) that will allow you quickly get rid of your infestation problem.

If you hear scratching coming from your ceilings or inside your walls, or if you find small droppings in your pantry, these are clear signs that rodents have infested your home. You should quickly contact an experienced mouse or rat exterminator. Regardless of the severity of the infestation, our rodent extermination experts will know how to exterminate them using the proper products and methods.

Information on mice

Appearance: There are 7 types of mice in our country. The most common is the house mouse (which lives in cities and has a light brown coat and large ears) and the deer mouse (which lives in the country and has a gray or brown coat and white legs). Mice weigh between 10 and 20 grams on average, however bigger one scan weigh up to 50g. The length of their body is on average 10 cm.

Life cycle: Mice reproduce at a very fast rate. A single mouse can have up to 15 litters per year (babies only spend 21 days in their mother’s womb). Every litter contains between 5 and 12 baby mice, and these babies can themselves reproduce after only 6 weeks! A mouse infestation can therefore occur extremely quickly! Mice can live up to 3 years.

Habits: Outdoors, mice often live in a small nest burrowed in the ground (in fields or near houses), and they search for food within a radius of 10 meters. When the cold arrives (at the end of fall), the mice will often infiltrate homes, businesses, farms or other heated buildings where there is food. The mice sneak it through soffits, chimneys, ventilation dampers, as well as through cracks in window and door frames, through the holes around telephone wires, etc. They make their nests in the attics and roof spaces, as well as in the walls. The mice will then create passage ways to get to their food source during the night. To achieve this, they gnaw through insolation and electric wires to reach the kitchen. They will eat the seeds they find on your counters, raid the pantry and rummage through the garbage.

Food: When they live outdoors, mice eat seeds, vegetables and small fruits. Inside houses, they eat human food: bread, flour, meat, cheese, butter, sweets, etc.

Danger: The presence of mice can quickly become a threat to your safety and that of your close ones, since they gnaw through electric wires and can therefore cause a fire. In addition, mice and rats leave feces behind on their path, which can spread some diseases or parasites to humans, such as meningitis (70% of mice are infected with it), hantavirus (which can sometimes be fatal) and tapeworm. These diseases can also be transmitted by their bite, or by the bite of the fleas which they carry.

Damage to buildings: Mice can also cause damages to your home or business by making holes in the walls and ceilings, displacing insulating wool, etc. A mouse infestation discovered by a buyer shortly after buying a property could even be considered a hidden defect. For this reason you must act quickly and immediately communicate with a mouse exterminator in Laval (or in a surrounding city) who will know how to solve your problem.

The different extermination treatments for mice and rats

There are several possible treatments to proceed with the extermination of mice and rats. Cheaper methods include mechanical traps, sticky traps, electric traps and traps that catch rodents but don’t kill them. There are also mouse and rat poisons which contain rodenticide, but these products must be used with caution, as they can be very harmful for humans and pets.

The best way to deal with a mouse or rat infestation a home, apartment building, hotel, condo, school or any other type of building, is to call professional mouse exterminators or rat exterminators.

Effective pesticides and safe methods

Our certified exterminators use government approved pesticides. They are powerful, and their effectiveness is greater than that of products sold in big box stores. Depending on your situation and type of building, we will offer you personalized treatments based on your needs and the level of severity of your mouse or rat infestation. At all times, we remain prudent and ensure that no product will come in contact with humans or animals.

Following our extermination of mice or rats, you will need to thoroughly clean surfaces (floors, counters, door and window surroundings) all while discarding food and packaging that may have been touched by the mice or rats.

Cost of treatments

Contrary to popular belief, mice and rat extermination treatments are not as expensive as people think they are. Inquire today with one of our professional mouse or rat exterminators to obtain our rates.

Prevention of a new infestation of mice or rats

The most efficient way to prevent a new mouse (or rat) infestation is to keep one or more cats indoors. You can also caulk holes and fissures that allow rodents to enter your home or business (a mouse can sneak in through a hole the size of a 10 cent coin). In addition, check if the soffits are well installed, and add screens to the ventilation ducts. You must also keep food inside of sealed containers, and make sure the garbage bins are closed.

Contact us for a mouse or rat extermination

Contact the Extermination Target team with full confidence if you are looking for a mouse exterminator in Laval or surrounding cities, or a rat exterminator in the region. Extermination Target is a certified and experienced exterminator, which carries all of the necessary permits and licences for the extermination of mice or of rats. Our techniques and products conform with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment.

Call us now at 514-928-1611 to receive more detailed information regarding our mouse extermination methods in Laval, Mirabel, Ahuntsic and surrounding cities, or for a rat extermination in Laval and surrounding areas. We can offer you a quote free of charge.

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