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Bed bugs – egg – nymph – adult

To adequately fight bed bugs, you have to know them well. A bed bug can be found in various forms. Three distinct stages characterise the life cycle of a bed bug.

Recognizing a bed bug egg

  • In the shape of a grain of rice, whiteish
  • The size of a pine needle (1mm)
  • Small translucent eggs
  • Residues of yellow eggshells
  • Grouped in clusters
  • Lifespan of 1 to 2 weeks before hatching

Bed bug nymph

  • 5 stages
  • Small immature insect of various sizes (1.5 to 4 mm)
  • At every stage, the nymph has a blood meal before molting to move on to the next stage
  • Exuviae (skin shed during moulting) is yellowish
  • Shiny brownish insect (reddish if engorged with blood)
  • Length of 4 to 7 mm
  • Resembles a flattened apple see or a flax seed
  • Females lay up to 5 eggs per day continuously to achieve a production

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