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Boasting many years of experience in the field of pest control, we offer state-of-the-art treatments.


Exterminator in Laval, Mirabel, Montreal, Ahuntsic and many other areas of the metropolis, Extermination Target offers extermination services for your homes and businesses. Be the master of your domain and protect the health of your loved ones! Insects, rodents and other mammals carry diseases and viruses that can be a nuisance to your environment and your health.

The products we use for parasite control are more effective than those you can buy over-the-counter, and are approved by Health Canada. Our extermination services are quick and long lasting.

Safely resolve your infestation problems for good!

Exterminateur Laval

In Laval, Montreal, Ahuntsic, Mirabel and other sectors, LES EXTERMINATIONS TARGET INC. is the team of exterminators to contact to quickly and professionally resolve your infestation problem. Whether it be for insects, rodents or other invasive animals, our extermination and relocation techniques (for certain small animals) are performed professionally and respectfully towards all the species treated. We will guide and thoroughly monitor your situation to ensure you have peace of mind throughout this misadventure.

Residential, commercial, institutional and industrial extermination

Whether the infestation took place in a house, business, multiplex or institution, our certified exterminators use appropriate methods and products to eliminate all traces of insects, rodents, or other intrusive animals. Our intervention is quick and discreet. We carefully resolve the problem for good, and offer advice to avoid a future infestation.

By dealing with pest management specialists, you can rest assured that the extermination will take place in a secure manner, all the while respecting the strict guidelines of the MELCC. Our techniques allow for an effective parasite control while minimizing the constraints on your various activities.

Relocation of small animals

For all the small animals (skunks, groundhogs, raccoons, squirrels, etc.) who dare to take up residence on the inside or outside of your property, our team will find the solution to capture them and most importantly relocate them in a humane and respectful way. Wasps are treated in a safe way with respect for the environment.

As for the raccoons or skunks who have made a home in your attic, we will be able to capture them professionally (without harming them) and relocate them to a suitable place. We can, if necessary, decontaminate your attic after having removed the various contaminants left behind by the small family.

Certified technicians

Our Exterminators in Laval

Professional team in Laval, Mirabel, Montreal, Ahuntsic and other sectors, Extermination Target offers extermination services of all kinds, whether it be in residential, commercial or institutional areas. Do not wait for the situation to get out of hand before contacting us. It is worthwhile to act quickly in the case of insect or rodent infestations, since they reproduce rapidly. Our experienced team will act quickly, using products suitable for the type of infestation at hand.

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For all information and quote requests, the Extermination Target team is at your disposal.

Our service is also available 7/7 and ready to respond to any emergencies.


LES EXTERMINATIONS TARGET: a team you can trust

Boasting many years of experience in the field of extermination and pest control, LES EXTERMINATIONS TARGET use approved and safe products and techniques, as well as tools at the cutting edge of technology. Our exterminators, specialists in pest control, respect the technical methods and protocols of the MELCC. The technician will be able to provide you with the best advice to prevent future cases of infestation. Our extermination company is a member of the Association Québécoise de la gestion parasitaire (AQGP).


Contact our exterminators, specialists in pest control, without delay, for the control or extermination of various insects or animals on your property, business or institution, thus preventing their progression. For any emergency, contact us! Our team of exterminators will quickly travel to your location to help you find a solution for your infestation problem. All phone advice, inspections and quotes are provided for free and in a professional manner. Don’t hesitate!


A big thank you to Mr. Stéphane Bergeron who was able to answer all my questions regarding an infestation of carpenter ants with professionalism and dedication on a Sunday afternoon! Well done! I recommend this company without hesitation.

Normand Mailloux


I had an urgent problem with wasps that had infiltrated an exterior wall of the house to make a nest. I was able to get an appointment with Extermination Target the next day. The technician was efficient and courteous. I haven't seen wasps lurking there since!

Marc-Antoine Bégin


I contacted Extermination Target to help me with a family problem of squirrels caught in the attic of the house. I no longer knew how to scare them away safely. Two employees came to free the squirrels and close the entrance with great professionalism, great job. They also took the time to explain all the possible solutions, which gave me confidence. Excellent customer approach. I invite you to contact Extermination Target to find out how they can help you quickly depending on your situation.

Marie-France Nault

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